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Financial Statements in Massachusetts divorce

There are two financial statement forms required for a divorce case, a short form for those with income of $75000 or less and a long form for those with income higher than $75000. Filling out these forms is a source of much pain and suffering for clients and for lawyers. They will be redone frequentlyContinue Reading

Does alimony reform affect when I should file for divorce? Absolutely!

Typically when divorce is contemplated by one or both spouses, the actual complaint for divorce may not be filed in court for many months, or even at all.  During that initial time period, the parties may be in negotiations or may have reached an informal agreement about custody, child support and spousal support for theContinue Reading

Buyer’s remorse over separation agreements in divorce

We can all relate to the following scenario: after many long and grueling hours on the phone and in meetings, you and your client have settled his divorce outside of the courtroom.  Everyone is relieved that they only need to go to court once, and that is to have their separation agreement approved by aContinue Reading

Our attorneys awarded Massachusetts Super Lawyers in family law

We are pleased to announce that this year three of our attorneys have been recognized by Massachusetts Super Lawyers in the area of family law. Howard I. Goldstein: Super lawyer – this is the 7th year that Howard has been recognized as a Massachusetts Super Lawyer in family law. Theresa B. Ramos: Rising Star AwardContinue Reading

The real losers in alimony reform: Stay at home spouses in long term marriages. Is there any wiggle room?

Those paying alimony have been pretty vocal in their praise of the new alimony law the details of which are found here. One of the principal “reforms” is to terminate alimony at the payor spouse’s federal retirement age, regardless of whether the payor spouse is in fact retired.  For current payors of alimony in theirContinue Reading