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Net Present Value Alimony Payments Calculator Tool

Alimony Valuation Worksheet V6b.xlsx

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      Net Present Value of After Tax Alimony Payments  
      Calculator Tool      
      Assumptions   Inputs  
    Annual Earnings
    Alimony Amount
    Annual Increase in Earnings
    Federal Tax Rate
    State Tax Rate
    Interest Rate (Compounded Yearly for all Data)
      Calculate Years Months*  
    Input - Time Period
      Results Years Months*  
    Net Present Value Alimony
    Total Value Alimony**
      *Monthly Net Present Value is not actually a calculation  
    based on amount of periods but the Yearly Net Present
    Value interpolated into a monthly figure.
    **Figure represents Pre-Tax Alimony Total
    Last updated 4/19/2011


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