New additions to domestic relations laws – Chapter 208 Divorce

Here are the new additions to the domestic relations laws, Chapter 208 on Divorce. Effective as of today March 1st, 2012.

Chapter 208. Section 31A Visitation and custody orders; consideration of abuse toward parent or child; best interest of child.

Chapter 208. Section 48 Definitions applicable to Secs. 49 to 55.

Chapter 208. Section 49 Termination, suspension or modification of general term alimony.

Chapter 208. Section 50 Termination, extension or modification of rehabilitative alimony.

Chapter 208. Section 51 Termination of reimbursement alimony; modification; applicability of income guidelines.

Chapter 208. Section 52 Termination of transitional alimony; modification or extension

Chapter 208. Section 53 Determination of form, amount and duration of alimony; maximum amount; income calculation; deviations; concurrent child support orders.

Chapter 208. Section 54 Remarriage of payor; income from second job or overtime work.

Chapter 208. Section 55 Reasonable security for alimony in event of payor’s death; orders to maintain life insurance; modification of order.

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