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On the practice of law and litigation . . .

“Clients walk into my office and tell me what they want. It’s my job to tell them what they need. 

In my practice, which deals with divorce, and probate litigation, I have come to understand that clients care, not only about the outcomes, but about the process.

I often tell new clients that I specialize in treating sleep disorders. They don’t come to me on happy occasions. It is usually some form of tragedy that brings them to me. So what I do is provide them with counsel, guidance, and legal assistance in keeping them as whole as possible. Often that means working with sensitivity to preserve relationships and avoid the draining expenses of litigation. There is more than one way to a ‘win.’

My job at the firm – and the job of all our attorneys – is to empower clients in a process that shouldn’t be mystical or magical. Getting to a satisfactory resolution is a collaborative effort that incorporates problem solving, providing a candid assessment of risk, and being open to alternatives, including mediation, alternative dispute resolution, and if need be, litigation.

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Howard I. Goldstein

Howard I. Goldstein
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