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This tool will allow users to see the potential amount of alimony, paid on an annual (yearly) basis based on inputs of the payor and recipient’s incomes against various possible percentages. This is not a “need” based tools, rather it calculates the percent difference between the two persons’ respective incomes.

The calculator will also calculate the length of the alimony obligation using the Length of marriage and date of birth inputs based on Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 208 section 49  General Term Alimony term obligation formal that is provided in the statute.

  Length of Marriage Duration of Alimony
0 to 5 Years   50% length of marriage
6 to 10 Years   60% length of marriage
11 to 15 Years   70% length of marriage
16 to 20 Years   80% length of marriage
20 Years or more   Indefinite Duration


**Disclaimer – this is tool for illustrative purposes only and is not intended to be legal advice. Please consult with a qualified professional to further understand the implications of a possible alimony award as it relates to your own specific situation. 

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