Hunter v. Rose–important case on same sex domestic partnerships

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has turned down a  challenge to a child custody order of the Probate and Family Court where the parties had a same-sex registered domestic partnership under California law. Here is a link to the oral arguments on video and the briefs

Your first meeting with your divorce lawyer

For most people the first step they take in getting divorced is contacting a divorce lawyer. A lot has been written on how to choose a lawyer. This article assumes that you already have chosen a lawyer who you think you will be satisfied with. There is a fair amount of anxiety surrounding that firstContinue Reading

Filling out your financial statement

One of the more annoying tasks for someone going through a Massachusetts divorce is to have to deal with the financial statement required by the Court. It is typical that in any divorce this form will be redone more than once, because it is required to be current each time there is an important eventContinue Reading

When should I file for divorce?

New clients often ask the question, “When should I file for divorce?” This seems like a simple question, that should have a simple answer. But it does not. The reason is that every case is different. Here are some reason to file quickly and some reasons to wait. Which of them apply to you? REASONSContinue Reading

Six Months of experience under the new alimony reform law

We now have been working with the new alimony law for almost six months. What have we learned? Here are my thoughts: The new alimony law has resulted in a sea change. The notion of lifetime alimony in Massachusetts has gone the way of the Dodo bird. Interestingly, the wave of new modifications based uponContinue Reading

Ethical Obligations of Divorce Lawyers in Massachusetts

Clients are often looking for aggressive divorce representation and frequently ask their lawyers to do things that are not permissible under the Cannons of Ethics. If your lawyer is willing to do these things, you should get another lawyer because if that lawyer is not abiding by his/her ethical responsibilities to the court, in won’tContinue Reading

Don’t wait until 2013 to get a modification of your alimony

There has been a good deal of publicity about the new  Massachusetts alimony law which took effect on March 1, 2012. There has also been a fair amount of disappointment when people learn that the new law prevents most people from filing for a modification of their alimony based upon the new law until 2013,Continue Reading

Ask yourself these seven questions before hiring your divorce lawyer.

Your experience with your lawyer will be one of the most important variables that will determine how you feel when your divorce is over. And, to be sure, unlike a chronic illness, your divorce will, at some point be over. There are many things to consider before hiring a lawyer such as experience, education, and training,Continue Reading

Getting divorced? Should you change your Will?

I am frequently asked by clients if he/she can change a Last Will and Testament during a divorce proceeding. I have had trouble finding any controlling legal authority on this, so I think the decision about whether to do it is up to you. If you have a Will that gives all your property toContinue Reading

Alimony reform coming to a state near you.

Massachusetts  has been a trendsetter in alimony reform across the country.  It seems like alimony reform will sweep the country and our laws are seen as a model. It must have been so shocking that change could come to Massachusetts after so many years of being the poster child for generous alimony. Not sure ifContinue Reading

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