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Couples often find the preliminary stages of the divorce process overwhelming because of the many issues they need to consider. Among these are questions about support, asset division, and children. 

Reaching agreement on these issues is almost never easy, and couples are often besieged with advice from well-meaning friends and family, and articles such as this. The reason why this process can be so bewildering is because each situation requires a unique solution. Save the simplest cases, there are no standard resolutions.

Thus, the guidelines of family law are intentionally flexible and lacking in clear guidance and rules. In light of this, couples must first understand their choices when getting a divorce. These include:

Each approach has its advantages and its advocates. It is up to each couple to try to figure out what process suits them best, rather than focusing on specific solutions.

Divorce Litigation

Most attorneys practicing family law will make an initial effort to amicably resolve the case, but if settlement is not reached quickly, the conventional approach is to seek court involvement through litigation.

Divorce Mediation

Mediation encourages clients to hire a neutral, divorce mediator, usually an attorney. Mediation can be faster and far less costly because couples only have to hire one individual to resolve their issues.

Collaborative Divorce

In collaborative law, each client selects an attorney who makes a commitment not to go to court to resolve the case. Both parties hire the same appraisers, the same actuaries and thereby reduce gamesmanship and cost.

Getting Divorced?

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If you are facing the possibility of divorce, a child custody dispute, financial insecurity, or other issues surrounding a marital breakup, you need sound, intelligent advice now. Our attorneys concentrate exclusively on domestic relations. We represent clients in all types of family law and divorce related cases. 

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If you are considering divorce, speak with us to learn your options and your legal rights. We offer a free case evaluation to better understand your situation and to discuss the options available to you. 

Divorce & Collaborative Law Articles

If you are considering divorce, talk with us to learn your options and your legal rights. We offer a free case evaluation to better understand your situation and to discuss the options available to you. 

The most important part of your divorce?

Over the years I have spoken to 1,000s of people who are either 1) thinking about divorce, 2) actively engaged in getting divorced, or 3) trying to address some piece/s of their divorce due to a problem or change that occurred afterwards. And interestingly, although

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