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Massachusetts Divorce Cases / Paternity

On this page we are compiling links to the full text of important Massachusetts Appellate Cases on Family Law and Divorce decided by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court and the Massachusetts Appeals Court.

These cases are for educational purpose only and should not be used for any official or legal purpose. Please consult official reports. Below you will be able to search for Massachusetts Appeals Court Slip Opinions and Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Slip Opinions relating to Paternity.


Paternity Cases in Massachusetts


A.R. v. C.R., 411 Mass. 570 (1992): Paternity questions between the parties should be dealt with in divorce proceedings. The husband was entitled to have his paternity of his wife's daughter tested. Where an adult voluntarily takes on support of a child, who is not his own without any duty to do so, generally should not be punished if he chooses to abandon that support.

I.S.H. v. M.D.B. No. 11-P-224 (2013):

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Paternity Cases in Massachusetts - Massachusetts Slip Opinions - Massachusetts Appellate Cases