Chapter 208: Section 34A Alimony judgment ordering conveyance; effect

Section 34A. Whenever a judgment for alimony shall be made in a proceeding for divorce directing that a deed, conveyance or release of any real estate or interest therein shall be made such judgment shall create an equitable right to its enforcement, subject to the provisions for recording of notice in section fifteen of chapter one hundred and eighty-four, in the party entitled thereto by the judgment, and if the judgment has not been complied with at the time the judgment of divorce becomes absolute, and is thereafter recorded in the manner provided by section forty-four of chapter one hundred and eighty-three, then the judgment itself shall operate to vest title to the real estate or interest therein in the party entitled thereto by the judgment as fully and completely as if such deed, conveyance or release had been duly executed by the party directed to make it.

No assignment, transfer or conveyance, from one spouse to the other, under this section or under a separation agreement, of real estate which is encumbered by a mortgage shall be deemed a transfer or divestment of said mortgage under the provisions of mortgage covenants, which provide that the debt secured by said mortgage becomes due and payable on demand upon transfer or divestment to anyone other than the mortgagor.

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